Recently, hiring Virtual Assistants has been the fad for people trying to set up a company but just don’t have enough time to do all that is needed to be done. In order for you and your Virtual Assistant to be successful in your goal, you have to take care of the professional relationship you have from setting up to managing it. Here are the tips:

1. Find the Virtual Assistant you need
Since you are setting up a business, you have to decide which tasks will be assigned to be done by the Virtual Assistant you will hire. It has to be clear and concise. When you find the certain tasks you need to be done for you then that is the time to search for the Virtual Assistant that has the qualities that you need. If you need a content writer then find a Virtual Assistant that specializes in writing. Need a Web Developer? Find a Virtual Assistant that specializes on exactly that. This will save you a lot of time and this will make your money worth it. Why? That is because of the quality service you get from a Virtual Assistant who specializes in a certain skill – which you need for your business.

2. Know the Advantages and Disadvantages
According to Elance-oDesk’s senior vice president of categories and geographies Rich Pearson, it may cause more money to hire someone coming from an agency. This is because of the existing overhead expenses. Although an agency might make a way for an entrepreneur to utilize more than one assistant to fix issues in availability or in skills; meanwhile a freelancer can result to more personal attention because the free lancer is the only person on the stand.

Whether or not the Virtual Assistant is in America or not will depend on what you need. American based VA’s will cost more but is well versed in American culture (if that’s what you need) while a VA based abroad will cost relatively less but may not be familiar with concepts you need them to be. But I’m sure there are non-American based VA’s that know a lot about different cultures.

3. Prep work for a great job listing
It may be beneficial for you to always create and include a “call to action” in all your detailed job listings, like asking them to show their portfolio or asking them a few questions. This will invoke a response from Aspirants and you will be able to assess their character.

4. Hiring the one
Go through all the applicant’s profiles and choose ones that you like or whom you think is the best for the job. Conduct an interview though voice call or video call so you can assess their characteristics and ability to think on their feet.

5. Managing your Virtual Assistant
Now that you found the right person, the challenge is how to communicate the best and the clearest as possible. Be sure to give specific and easy to understand instructions, share outline documents in Google Drive and search on “Virtual Assistant Tools”. These tools will help you and your Virtual Assistant communicate and share information better. This will greatly affect the quality of the results you will have. Encourage your VA to speak, be open and offer feedback. Build trust slowly but surely. Don’t rush. A Virtual Assistant can become the greatest asset in your company so treat them nicely.