There is no harm in just clicking your mouse, and clicking until you find the perfect site for you to land in a job! But why spend much time in clicking for sites without much guarantee? This article then will help you to click the perfect hit to the best place to find a job online!

Top 5 Best Place to Find a Job Online



If you are in the Philippines and you are looking for any virtual assistant jobs, is relatively the best place to find a job online, having the easier ‘job board’ for outsourcing VA staff in PH and in any other parts of the worlds.

As of the latest record, able to process more 85Ms resumes of Filipinos aspiring virtual assistants.

Please take note that all jobs will be has full time salaries, part time salaries. So just pick your choice whatever is more comfortable while working at the highest peak of comfort in your home! One important thing to remember is that, there is no such as commission-based job in this site.


craigslist jobs

Craigslist is a kind of classified ads website having sections which is devoted to jobs, personals housing, for sale, items wanted, gigs, services, community, resume and also discussion forums.

All people who wish to find virtual assistant jobs, must be open-minded that it is so hard to determine whether a client is not fake even if you are in the legitimate site. It is because, they can be everywhere. You will probably not know if they are legitimate or not until you try it!

I can personally say it’s the best place to find a job online because it’s where I found my first VA job way back in 2007. Here’s one of my cl advert for my VA services. Click here!!!


Just as like craigslist, odesk, myoutdesk and, this site is also not a business opportunity. Remember, that you will not be paid per commission basis. You will be paid as if you are receiving your salary as full-time or part time ‘employee.


myoutdeskIn the Philippines, one of the most incredible industries is the real estate. No wonder, hiring best quality real estate Vas can be done in this country through the help of It is actually one of its ‘specialties’. The mission of the company seen in everyday jobs is to provide virtual assistant jobs with expertise on personality profiles and real estate business. The services offered are mostly concerns with posting, data management, database management, prospect management, MLS, marketing and coordination and lead generation.


oDesk Jobs

This is also one of the early favorites of aspiring virtual assistants, the best place to find a job online.

Compared to any va sites, this is best choice for fixed-hour transaction. Meaning the work is paid based on the time spent in working and not per task basis. This is more ideal for those who are looking for a full time job, or if part time, has a fix schedule for work.

What also makes Odesk unique is the test that you need to pass through before you can finally get a job.  The many tests you pass, the higher the probability of getting hired. So, take & pass through as many tests as you can! Check out my oDesk profile & create yours now!

As you can see, there is a huge list of best place to find a job online, all you need to have is a a skill set & the right training.

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