Controversial Couple Chito-Neri will Tie the Knot

After three years of blossomed relationship, including the leakage of their very controversial sex video last year, popular Filipino band vocalist Chito Miranda, 38 and Star Circle Quest Finalist Neri Naig, 28 will seal their vows as husband and wife sometime very soon.

This will come after their much talked-about engagement where the groom to-be shared the whole scenario on YouTube.

The Chito Miranda proposal came to be unique where the bride-to be who at that moment is in full character and in the middle of the supposed shoot of a music video directed by a common friend of the couple was seen shocked yet happy by the unexpected scene.

Who would think that in the middle of the shoot his fiancée for three years will just come in claiming that he will be the luckiest guy in Cavite (one of the popular provinces in the Philippines), because he will marry the most beautiful woman in Eastwood. If she will let him be?

And then here came Miranda carrying a bouquet of players and said to his girl  “I want you to watch this, baby. I prepared everything for you.” And then showing of their happy couple photos were viewed on screen. Plus of course all the promises of undying love.

“Of course yes” could only be an answer of the shocked girlfriend for the question of her waiting fiancée “I love you very much, baby… Will you marry me, baby?”

Everybody on the set felt the love in the air as the fireworks display explode on the “shooting area.”

Watch the Chito Miranda proposal video here ….