There is no doubt that social networking nowadays is one of the hottest, if not really the hottest online trend in the universe. So why the avalanche of technology? Probably because the different social media sites become a powerful vehicle in giving us a way to keep in connected with loved-ones and friends. Not only that, it also gives the public the opportunities for online networking professionally.

Social networking can be beneficial for your career. But just like as any other thing, there might also some disadvantages to be considered.

Let us now look deeper on the possible pros and cons of engaging into social networking. This would give you hints whether to work out or to devote more time on doing online activities, or totally not!

Knowing on how to make the most of different social media sites will start from basic question of whether or not “is social networking really for you?” If the answer is no doubt yes then it really is! If not, just read on. We might be able to give you more advice and guide to determine it.

The Pros of Social Networking

Social networking gives many benefits in terms of money and contact to all possible
Online workers. With the current trends of technology, it is easier today to keep in touch
with old friends, loved ones and former colleagues.

Professionally speaking, there is some professional networking site just as like “LinkedIn” that allows end- users to request for an introductions or basic network to “business people” who are in their contacts.

The aptitude of this improved connectivity is very powerful. It is just like giving a business card or brochure to a possible investor met during a meeting or a simple event.

LinkedIn is considered as very valuable business tool in making business or doing professional matters online. Imagine, there are more than 200 million members of this social network. So if you have that powerful resume and creative portfolio, there are greater chances to hire and being hired.

Aside from LinkedIn, there are also some sites that will help you such as Facebook and Twitter. Well, it just depends on you on how to make the most out of it.

The Cons of Social Networking

One of the recognized cons of social networking is the inability to establish and make network effectively. It results to lesser benefits or salaries they get making business online.
The rule of thumb in social networking is never to put anything on the net that might reflect negatively on you or worst, on your business. Posting “selfie” or photos of you projecting unprofessionally is prohibited. This could harm the possibility of being hired. As the saying goes “First impressions last”.

So generally, if you really know how to make use out if it, there is no such thing as cons in social networking as far as making money out of it is concerned.