Virtual Assistant Destiny

Yes. Because everybody can be one. Almost everybody who loves surfing the net can. And well, no! Because it is a choice that you must make. No one wakes up one day and realized he/she is already doing a virtual assistant job. Indeed, starting a new job or a new career just as like as being a Virtual Assistant is a tough decision you must make today. If not today, then when? You might realize one day losing so many opportunities to grow, make money, and make friends right at the front of your own laptop!

But before you actually become a Virtual Assistant, you must undergo a necessary assessment of yourself to come up with a better decision. Think of something that will motivate you to do better.

Here are some guides or checklist that you must ask yourself before finally deciding to start a new career just as like becoming a VA.

Virtual Assistant Sentiments

This is a reality. This is what the sentiment of most of the aspiring Virtual Assistant I heard:

  • Oh yes, I am a newbie in a corporate world. Will I land a good job? I am a fresh graduate anyway!
  • I do not have a job for a long time. I am a single mom. I cannot even afford to pay for a nanny just to take care of my kiddos. Is this my situation?
  • I work for a very long time in the government service. I was never promoted. I dream to but with the current trends in the government, my chance is very steep!
  •  I want to save more money for emergency purposes. I hate more expenses like transportation, meal expenses etc., etc. If I will be working at home, it will be lessened.
  • I want to have a job that is more flexible to fit with my “complicated” lifestyle.
  • I hate to have a direct superior. I want to be a “boss” of my own self.
  •  I dream of having an early retirement but I don’t want to die yet! I am definitely workaholic. I  would still love to work at home.
  • I want to be a benefactor of my own self to support my own studies. I can do that if I will be able to raise more money.
  •  I want more time with my kids and hubby.
  • I have no choice, I don’t have any job at all
  •  I am fired from my job. Or I resigned because of so many reasons. I tried to apply but nobody calls.
  • I want a more conducive environment for working. I so love my home.
  •  My skills are not appreciated in present job.
  • I am in my mid 30’s. I don’t think they will still hire me.

Your reasons for aspiring to be a Virtual Assistant may be mentioned or not above. But nevertheless, you must make a choice. Whether it is your ultimate goal. It is the least on your list, go! Just explore…and eventually, you will enjoy being a virtual assistant while making money of your own!