In the event that the world will most likely be hit by an economic slowdown, there are tendencies that big companies will do some cost-cutting measures by reducing the workforce. You might be affected! Before it happens, you have to secure a job, if not in typical office works, why not try an online job?

Online Job

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For beginners, there are ways on how to cultivate your skills and finally land an online job.

1. Learn the Routine of Empathy

It is obviously known that most of the companies worldwide prefer potential employees with job experience prior to applying. In this principle, it is somehow an indication that actual experience and empathy or workplace acclimatization is a must. Generally, the future employers may assume that applicants who have previously employed by a reputable company in the past will most like know how to integrate himself better in a team-oriented workplace just like.

According to a New York Times Bestselling author George Ander who wrote Perfect Enough, in 2020, the no. 1 job skill will be “empathy.” Generally, it is referred to the ability of a person to put himself on another’s shoe. Thereby creating or becoming more acquainted not just with the work itself but with the workplace. It belongs to Emotional Quotient (EQ) Skills.

2. Learn to be “Tech-Savvy”

Being one does not actually mean putting know-how in MS Word in your CV.  It only means to have a working know-how on technical matters. It is a   plus if you have a basic knowledge for example on database management system just as like SQL or any other programming language.

3. Learn the Secrets of Being Visible to be Recognized.

Admit it! Even if you have right qualifications, you are perfectly fit for a particular job. But you will never be hired unless people (Future employer) will notice you and will be able to see your future contributions to the company. But the question is how?

  • Start writing your blog. There are some free sites to avail like
  • Another effective way is to ask on platforms like Quora and LinkedIn. LinkedIn now is one of the favorites nowadays.
  • Udemy offers courses to know the secrets of maximizing LinkedIn. Try this one and you will wake up one day enjoying your never-dreamed salary ever!
  • Put in mind that to be able to make a good impression, you will need to be a “walking proof or embodiment” of the values and skill you wrote in your curriculum vitae.

4. Learn to Project Always an Aura of Professionalism

Finding an online job is much more beyond getting a degree or having recommendations from the previous employer. Professionalism is really a must then. Keep in mind that the last thing that your future employers would want to see online is your “selfies” on Facebook and Instagram and/ or pictures of you in a party! First impressions really do lasts! Instead of making socials online, make it formal and make sure that your professional portfolio is distinct from that of personal.