Are you still sending a huge file via Digital Video Discs? Or probably thru Flash Drives to your friends and clients? Well, sad for you that as if you are not living yet in the Information Age! Or maybe you are living into it as Virtual Assistant but you are just merely relying on your Yahoo or Gmail Account? That may not be bad, but it is definitely not the best choice for you! Of course, we know that Gmail & Yahoo has some limitations because it can only send limited files.

For ordinary internet user, and more so, for VAs out there, time to Worry no more because here comes the Dropbox that will enable you to share up to five (5) gigabytes! Isn’t it that amazing to share that huge information with clientele or friends?  Or co-workers?! With Dropbox, the giga of information is just right there at your fingertips,  every minute, every second! For a VA, whether newbie or pro, storing voluminous file(s) at home is simply fantastic!

What is Dropbox anyway? It is a free software or a  file-hosting service that enables you to share documents,  pictures, spreadsheets, audio video presentations and the like up to 5000 megabytes! That Big!

Despite its voluminous file capacity, despite that, it is a multi-tasking tool, nothing to worry because it is simple, conventional and user-friendly. Aside from its usefulness, it is also secured and worry-free to use.

How does it work? All the files save will automatically sync to all/or selected connected devices and computers. Please take note anyway that the Dropbox must be installed first on your computer before it works. It is not something that you will just browse. In a corporate world, Dropbox is believed to be perfect for teamwork may it be intrapersonal, interpersonal and/or even those teams who use to work remotely.

Since it can share up to 5 gig of info, whenever you need to share a very large file or formatted documents and/or graphics, there is no need to send “zip files” or voluminous email attachments.  You don’t send, you share! Just by doing it, you are saving time and effort. Actually, the capacity is only 2 gigabytes. But you can also earn add-on free storage thru inviting friends to sign-up for a particular account. For an ordinary user, 2 gig is already significant, but then again, if you know the tactics and trends you can maximize it up to 5 gig.

Customizing your folder is one of the unique features of Dropbox. For a VA, it is something interesting and helpful!

Other benefits of utilizing Dropbox are, photo sharing, video sharing and videos and music sharing as well. So you’ll see? Aside from it lessens the hard work, it lessens stress because you get to be entertained just by maximizing its use.

So what now are you waiting for? If you are looking for a perfect file-sharing solution or cloud storage for your Virtual Assistant tasks, or maybe at office works, you will go no wrong with choosing Dropbox.