If you are a virtual assistant, you certainly want to know the importance of free cloud storage.  Cloud storage is very beneficial in backing up important computer files. Whether music, videos, photos, documents, spreadsheets and so forth, when you sync them in cloud storage, you can access it anywhere, everywhere when internet connection is available. The coolest thing is that these synced files are accessible even when you are using your smartphones with the help of a wifi.

My Top 3 Free Cloud Storage

I still remember when I just started in VA industry, my desktop computer crashed down and all my files were unfortunately unrecoverable for some reasons. I just wished I knew cloud storage at that time.  Step by step as I got more and more clients, I learned that cloud storage online does exist that can be used for free. My top 3 free cloud storage are the following:

Free Cloud Storage

1. Dropbox – In my personal experience, most of my clients use dropbox for file sharing. The drawback is it only offers free 2GB but gradually gets higher when you refer people to sign up for free cloud storage.

Free Cloud Storage

2. Google Drive – This cloud storage is powered by Google of obviously. What I like about Gdrive is that it offers 15GB for free and basically you can upgrade when you need higher storage.

Free Cloud Storage

3. One Drive – formerly known as SkyDrive powered by Microsoft. OneDrive offers free 7 GB of space. I like OneDrive the most because I can automatically sync my word or spreadsheet files using Microsoft Office Mobile app with my iPhone.

Actually, there is a lot of free could storage out there that can be beneficial to us as virtual assistants. Just explore the world wide web and choose the best service that you can make the most of it.

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