oDesk is a freelancing website where freelancers can sign up for free and will then be able to search for jobs that matches their skills. Jobs offered on oDesk are of different kinds, ranging from writing opportunities to data entry to web design and even accounting jobs.

On Starting with oDesk

Registration – In this step, you just need to fill up a form regarding some basic details like your name, email address, and physical address of residence. You are then required to input a user name and password for log in purposes in your oDesk account. After submitting the form, you can now explore for prospective jobs. Signing up using your Facebook account is also allowed.

Choose your Category – After signing up at oDesk, you need to pick on the appropriate category of job that perfectly fit your skills.

Creating your Profession Profile and Portfolio –You really need to build up a strong and attractive profile that impresses your potential employers. You can boost your chances of being hired by placing certain features and unique skills as a freelancer.

 Payments and Fees

If you are wondering on how much will be the rate, you can look at other freelancer’s profile with the same category and try to match their demands with yours. One thing you need to know is that oDesk charges 10 percent for every job taken. But this fee is added to your quote so when you ask for $15 every hour, oDesk will quote it at $16.5 for employers so that you can still receive your full pay.

Upon creating an account in oDesk, you will have a wallet section where you will be receiving your salary. Try to read the payment terms in the platform but as overview, you can create a Paypal or Moneybookers account so you can be able to withdraw your salary in oDesk.


There are tests in oDesk that you have to take to enhance your profile. Have some tests taken one at a time to strengthen your profile and let the employers know of your abilities.

Searching for Jobs in oDesk

Look for the Find Jobs button and click on it to have a full list of jobs available. When using search phrase, type the full keyword to receive jobs on that category and not just abbreviation.

Applying for Jobs on oDesk

Know the rules – Familiarize the terms and conditions and the Job Application Guidelines on oDesk and make sure to follow them to avoid any discrepancies with the oDesk management during applications.

Choosing the employer – oDesk is not responsible for the legitimacy of employers. You can try knowing their background through Google search.

Be a regular – This is most important if you have active job applications and you are really eager to work. Check your inbox regularly to know if you have been shortlisted for interview.

The interview – Typically, potential employers take a week to examine applications and inform you with the interview wither through Skype or GTalk.

Starting a Job in oDesk

To be hired as an oDesk freelancer can be very rewarding but you should remember a few things:

  • Remember that you are given rating for every job you have done so make sure that you finish your task on time at a high quality so you are given good ratings.
  • You may need to adjust your work time to cater the need of the employer so be prepared to work at odd hours.
  • Have an alternative source of internet connection in case your regular source is cut off.
  • Ask you client to give you a feedback after a work is done
  • Record your salary in your oDesk Wallet

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