What Is It to Be a Virtual Assistant

Regardless of what career that you’re gonna choose, before you finally decide, of course you have to know what would favors you and its negative factor. Only in this way you would realize what weighs heavier. This article will help you determine why you would prefer do jobs online and become a virtual assistant.

The Pros

Opportunities are indeed unlimited!

Try to imagine yourself working in a typical company wherein you have a fixed salary, and the fix working hours. Now try to imagine yourself to work as Virtual Assistant and how it provides you with greater opportunity. How? Because you can all have the desired freedom to work to and for two employers or even more! Depending on your capacity and availability.

The keyword here is how you are going to maximize your time. The increase in rate of a VA is also faster than any other traditional company. This of course depends on your performance.

Availability to Work Anytime, Anywhere, Anyway

This is one of the advantages that you are going to love as virtual assistant. You can work any time of the day, and anywhere! There are deadline of course, but you can work with it at your most convenient time.

Lower Business Investment compared to any other business

Investment is of course very important in any business. But mind you! Working as virtual assistant will only needs a very low investment. What you only need is your laptop and your internet connection of course! If you already have one, well, you will be engaging in an almost zero-investment venture. Sounds a good idea! Isn’t it?

But of course, nothing in this world is really free. You still have to invest something to make money. And that is your time, effort and of course your skills in networking. Just always remember that increasing your knowledge also means increasing your earnings.

24/7 Access to Work

Because your transactions are through internet, anytime of the day can be a working hours for you!

In return, any potential client can also reach you out 24/7, even while you are sleeping. So the market of the job is open for 24 hours.

The Cons

No Benefits just Salary

Unlike working in a typical company, wherein you have a direct employer-employee relationship, working as virtual assistant offers no benefit aside from salary. So you need to look for more employers because more jobs means more sources of salary.

Unavoidable Distractions

Since you will be working at home, there are lots of things that may distract you. Kids or visitors may distract you anytime. Or you may be tempted to just sleep instead of working. Or you may be tempted to spend your time on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account instead of working.

No or limited Social Interaction

You will be dealing only with yourself. No socialization at all. Because most of the transactions that you are going to make are with your clients or with your co- virtual assistants.

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