Who would want to be scammed? For sure no virtual assistant would want to! Actually this is the biggest fear of any aspiring VA to finally engage in the business. It is very frustrating on the part of the writer or virtual assistant per se who gave up his previous career and in the end, he will end up with nothing! More so, if it is his first time to get the job and will just be victimized by scammers.

For those who want to be Superstar VA in Davao, or in any part of the Philippines or the world in general, you must be very cautious to avoid scammers. I will share some inputs, who I myself exercised during my early days in the virtual assistance world.

Tips for Superstar VA in Davao:

 Be bold. Do not be afraid to take risks. Just think that if you are afraid of scammers, so the clients are. You actually feel the same way. If you are afraid of not getting paid, they are also afraid of playing just for nothing. Or if not the payment, they will be wasting time on you! They are also having second thoughts whether to hire you or not. Because, it is possible that somebody might be just making fun out of them. So, it is just a 50-50 game. Whoever determined to win, wins! Dare, but be very vigilant! That’s the keywords!

 It is a reality that the scammers are just roaming around. So they cannot be totally avoided. So what’s Superstar VA in Davao can do? Be cautious! Take note, scammers are also roaming around even on different trusted and legitimate websites .

 Even there are possible scammers on Factoidz, Odesk, onlinejobs.ph Elance and many others, still go to that websites to find a job. Well at least, there are low probability of transacting with scammers.

 Find a good time to double check the reputation of the possible clients. This can be ideally done in Odesk. But there can also be some possible means in the trusted marketplaces. Base from the feedback of their virtual assistant or anybody who has a connection in their business, somehow you would have an idea if they are credible to deal with.

 One of the important factors that superstar VA in Davao aside from checking the credibility of the potential is to check the mode of payment after doing a specific task. To be able to get a guaranteed payment, prefer an hourly job. This is ideal in Odesk. But of course, there are also sites available that offers guaranteed payment even in fixed writing gigs. It is your choice then if you prefer hourly or fix projects. The most important thing is to ensure that you will be paid.

 One example in onlinejobs.ph, there is a “verify employer page”. You can explore the area to make sure of the credibility of the client. Superstar VA in Davao must click this button anyway.