Virtual assistance is defined as one kind of job wherein a certain person gives assistance to the client through the use of telephone, mobile phone, fax, electronic mail…and mind you, even instant message!

Virtual assistance job is being provided by a VA or Virtual assistant. They are also called as independent proprietor who works independently with the use of technology to deliver their services to respective clients worldwide.It is obvious that most of the tasks given are done at home.

Some Virtual assistance job offers secretarial or clerical services buts as the industry grows there are more people with varied backgrounds and skills goes in the arena! So now, Vas specializes in different areas of marketing, webpage and/or graphic design, and IT support are being more in demand.

People who engage in virtual assistance business maximize the use of modern technology to deliver basic services to the clients and be able to communicate with them while working independently.

Virtual Assistance – Target Clients of Vas:

  • real estate brokers
  • Business coaches
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Executive and Non-executive directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Medical & legal professionals
  • Consultants

Nowadays, virtual assistants are also engaged with social media monitoring. This is kind of virtual assistance that is trending now.

Advantages of Doing Virtual Assistance Business At Home:

  • The fund is not an issue because you can start your very own business even with limited budgets.
  • You have all the chance of using the same skills you acquired in your past employers and even expand it to specialize in a specific field.
  • The Virtual Assistance industry is now rapidly growing and its demand is expected to be strong and even stronger along the way.
  • You can earn a higher income even at home. Take note that rate varies depending on the kind of virtual assistance that you do for a particular client.
  • You have that control in your time. So maybe you can manage well your time for your family or make another sideline jobs. It is also expected that you spent shorter time compare if you’re an average employee of a government or a small-time company.

Disadvantages of Doing Virtual Assistance Business At Home:

  • There is an ultimate challenge of finding your initial clients. Somebody who is credible enough and 100% sure that your job will be paid. But if you have the guts, just like as in any other business you can surely overcome it.  One identified tactics are to have creative marketing technique(s). You can also join different groups or networks who also do virtual assistance job. Offering sub-contracting services is also a good choice if you are just starting anyway.
  • As you experience your virtual assistance business growing, it is most likely that your materials needed and of course, the over-all expenses may grow. That’s maybe a part of investing,
  • Just as like in any businesses at home, your area also responsible for paying government and income taxes. Securing health insurance and other benefits also follows.