With the numerous onerous tasks to be handled, growing and improving the business can be a troublesome responsibility. Howbeit, thanks to the elevating and developing technology, an easier and cost-efficient job accompanied with administrative assistance is now obtainable. One solution to the dilemma of business efficiency is hiring a reliable virtual assistant that will surely furnish further and repetitive tasks.

But simply hiring a VA is not enough to enjoy the fruitful effects of VA outsource, this includes a helpful medium to be followed upon. Listed below are the 10 simple and relevant ways to help the business grow and be more efficient with, of course, the help of a virtual assistant.

1. Identify the tasks that befit for outsourcing.

Determining the tasks that suit for a VA outsource doesn’t include the core competencies or jurisdiction of the business. This may be composed of developing the product, strategies for marketing, and attracting more and more customers. However, for the duties that may seem repetitive, sidetracking, unforeseeable, or should be more appropriately addressed by an expert that can be trusted and work remotely, it can be handed over to VAs.

Passing the responsibility of specific tasks to VAs is a helpful tool for a more productive enterprise. These tasks may include customer service, copywriting, bookkeeping, editing, voice recordings, translating, software testing, groundwork market research, data entry, social media management, graphic design, and any other professional administrative tasks. With the VAs skill, flexibility, and being reliable, the bandwidth for the most important matters are valuably balanced and managed.

2. Affix a clear and realistic job description.

Interviewing an applicant who eventually concludes that he/she didn’t understand the job description really well before bailing out is totally such a waste of time and efficiency. Instead of executing this inconvenience, an employer can conducively use his valuable time in hiring VAs if one has posted a clear and realistic job description at the first place. This allows the applicant to discern if the job suits him/her.

Employers should comprehensibly write and post the summarizations of the work delineation. This may identify if the work encompasses part or full time, hourly or project basis, temporary or ongoing, occasional or continuous, the identification of the minimum wage basis, and so on. This will enable the applicants to identify what work is expected and ought to be performed.

3. Establish an effective examining criteria.

Setting a potent vetting criteria will allow time management and will prompt efficiency in hiring the appropriate VA. It weeds out the unqualified entrants and tracks down the apt ones. This can be done through standardized tests and preliminary questions for the candidate. This elicits a smooth-running and effective interview process.

4. Seek for the great candidates.

It is not enough to simply just find VAs, what matters most is finding the great and most appropriate candidate and a potential one. There are a number of companies available online that may act as middlemen between the VA and the client. Clients may use these websites to find exceptional applicants.

5. Allocate a mini-practice task.

Assigning a small practice project that represents the work type of the actual task is essential to select the most appropriate VA applicant. This medium can be assigned before the interview. However, this should be compensated with monetary incentives.

6. Video-chat with the most potential VA.

There are many ways in video-chatting with the recent heightening of technology. Thanks to this, it greatly helps the selection of the best applicant among all candidates. This process allows the assurance of his/her befitted character to internal culture and external brand of the company. Even if VAs are not a part of the core employee, they should adopt and fit into the core values of the business to evoke further reliance.

7. Employ with a lucid instruction.

Aside from the set clear and realistic job description, the provision of a lucid mandate is crucial during the signing of the new contract. The extent of training, the payment matters, and task completion evaluation are some of the factors that should be considered and specified thoroughly for the benefit of the VA and the trouble-free collaboration of work. It is truly incumbent to pellucidly explicate to the newly hired VA his/her responsibilities and roles in the business.

8. Maintain a consistent onboarding and communication.

Of course, the job doesn’t just stop on finally hiring a VA. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor the progress of the newly-hired VA. The VAs efficiency immensely hinges on the client’s supplication of adequate training, sufficient work check-ins on duty, report of the accomplished tasks, and much more. The communication should establish a cordial ambiance to filter out uneasiness and spark off prolific task.

9. Shape a self-sufficient VA.

It is the client’s power to engender their VAs to become fully successful in their assigned tasks and trustworthy simultaneously. The monitored progress of the freelance VAs enabled the established self-sufficiency and independently and effectively address to customer questions, complaints, and any other administrative tasks.

10. Encourage the core members of the business to outsource their own work.

Outsourcing tasks do not only apply to CEOs, managers, and superior members of a business. Any business members can delegate their own duties for outsourcing, especially when they are assigned with heavy and multiple tasks. One can coach them through the proven and tested mediums. This helps them to optimize their predominant tasks more as it greatly contributes to the inclusive productivity and lucrativeness of the business that anyone can reap benefits of.

The appropriate skills coupled with the right characteristics make the best accommodations from virtual assistants. Plus, following this 10 helpful ways can bring efficiency to the business using VAs.