There is no such thing as free from difficulties. No matter how easy a certain task or professions may seem, they are bound to face problems. Just as like in virtual assistance world, one is bound to face problems. No matter how good you are, no matter how patient you may be, no matter efficient you are to your work, problem will still keep on arising! What is then the secret? You just have to know the secrets of dealing with it. Know the problems of Filipino virtual workers, learn to solve it.

Basically, the concept of knowing the right dose to any disease is to know the root cause of what makes one sick. Just as like in the world of virtual assistance, you have to know the problem before you can arrive with the right prescription on “how to be healed”. Meaning, you have to know the problem, understand why it occurs and eventually you will deal with it. (Because you left no choice but to do so! Unless you are willing to lose your job just like that)

3 Common Problems of Filipino Virtual Workers

According to a survey, there are three (3) common denominators among virtual workers in the Philippines in terms of problems. One, problem with the so slow internet connection. Two, frequent power failures and three, time flexibility. Mind you, Filipinos are very flexible, but there are problems when their schedule is totally contradicting with that of the supposed client. Please take note that these three common problems that virtual workers might not only experience in the Philippines but in other part of the world.

1. Slow Internet Connection.

Philippines being included in the ‘third world countries” no wonder is also having dilemma with the internet connection. It actually affects not only those people who are directly involved in virtual transactions, just as like being virtual workers. But even the regular officer may it be private or government are not an excuse. They are also affected by poor net connection. Imagine you are in the middle of your work, or you are almost done, you are about to send your completed task but you cannot do so because you cannot attach documents on your mail! Oh, no!

If you will try to know the root cause of the problem with your connection it can be a possible problem on the construction and/or other obstructions that weakens the signal. As much as possible, choose a place that is most likely has a direct impact or the Wi-Fi signal can easily penetrate your house, and eventually feeds good signal to your PC.

2. Power Outages/Rotational Brownouts

Also connected with net are the power outages! Again, imagine you are in the middle of your work, you are almost done and then suddenly there’s black out! Even if you were able to save your work but still, it’s a problem! What virtual workers then can do? But to wait for the resumption of electricity supply! Well of course, if you’re willing to invest for your own generator set at home is the best option.

3. Time Difference.

Also the problem is time! Because most of the clients are located at exactly opposite of the globe, (where you are), there is problem with time. The secret is to make clear of your availability to work. Unless you are more than willing to do the tasks late night.

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