What would it take to be a good virtual assistant?

Just as like in any career, one must possess some skills to get the job. Do you really need to have those skills to be an effective virtual assistant? Or just the guts and willingness to be one? Try to find out VA skills!

Important VA Skills

1. Proficiency in Computer Use

  • One must be well versed in the use of Office Application like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel and the like
  • It is a plus point if you have knowledge of Photoshop, even basic knowledge only. MS Publisher is also a good choice.
  • Movie Presentation through simple programs like Windows Movie Maker is one of the top VA skills needed to get started with your online career.

2. Proficiency in using the net

Even some basic net skills are important in working as a Virtual Assistant. If you are proficient, that is definitely an edge over your competitors:

  • Emailing – This is not actually an issue anymore because obviously, how would you apply for a virtual assistance job if in the first place you don’t know how to contact them through electronic mail. All the sort of attaching documents is a must for a VA.
  • Maximize the use of Social Media – It is presumed that all virtual assistant takes advantage the use of all popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Facetime and the like.
  • Online Research – This is actually the heart of the job of a virtual assistant, doing research online. Otherwise, you will not be able to do your job. Googling is actually the key, with Google being the most popular search engine. There is a common belief that “google” actually consider now as Mr. Webster. And it is even easier to use! And to access. Trying also other search engine is a must.
  • Blogging – Next thing to researching is blogging. Of course, you need to integrate what you have researched for. And not just that, you need to share it as many as onliners as you can possibly reach. To be able to Set up a blog and how to manage it is another issue.

3. The personal side

  • Good in written communication – This is one of the most important VA skills for a virtual assistant. In the first place, how are you going to convince your client that you are the best choice as VA if you cannot even express yourself? To be good n oral communication is also a must. Just keep in mind that your possible client must come from different parts of the world so we need to be versatile in communication.
  • Resourceful – We need to have an attitude that seeking to exhaust all possible means to do the job. But still, the keyword is online researching. You cannot make an excuse to your client that there is no data or no available materials because you have to gain it for yourself.
  • Fearless – Do not afraid to explore what is new and how you will be able to do your job more effectively. If you are afraid to learn something new, you can never be successful in life in general.

Learn more about VA skills here and start your online career!