VA Tips to A Successful Career

There are so many things that you must not forget in general to be a successful virtual assistant. Some might sound like very simple, but in a virtual world, VA tips are definitely a must!

You have to get in touch with your client as many times as you can.  – I am telling you, I myself as VA, firmly believe that consistent and constant communication with your client is indeed a must. Remember, it is not a tough job to keep e-mailing them. By communicating with them constantly, you will be sure that you are on the right track. For example, there’s follow-up instruction or changes on the project given to you, you will be updated. Do not forget that if you think your time is worth, so your clients are. Ignoring them is actually tantamount to losing the job.

As much as possible, do not use too casual names like It is better if you prefer choosing your last name that will go this way If you can even get a private domain name that would be a better idea. You will appear most like “professional” to your future clients.

Should A VA need to have a resume?

Although there are debates whether virtual assistant needs a resume or curriculum vitae or not anymore, it is not a bad idea to have one. Some Vas believe that they are considered as self-employed. So they need not to submit a resume. But remember, the bottom line is, if the client demands it, you would have no choice but to provide it.

Proficiency in written and oral communication – The most important VA tips! Just as like in any communication or public relation career, this is also very important as a Virtual Assistant. Think that, how are you going to tell your client that you are his/her best choice as VA?  If you cannot express yourself very well? You need to be good, if the best in communication, well at least, better than any other VA for you to be hired.

It is a must to know how to maximize your time. We are the captain of our own ship and the architect of our own fortune. You have to manage well your time for yourself, for your family and for other sideline tasks. Who says a limited time would also limit you to success?  That is not the case in a VA world!

Prioritize making your blog as beautiful as you can. Remember that it is your very own blog that you can market yourself. If you will be able to sell yourself well, then you can get as many clients as you possibly can.  Find time to highlights your best assets not only to be a best virtual assistant but your personality as an individual.

The industry in the Virtual Assistance world is now currently growing so fast and its demand is anticipated to be stronger day by day, years by years. So make the most out of enhancing your VA career by doing these VA tips. And your income!

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