Virtual Assistant Blog – Your Way to Attract Potential Client

One of the assets of the Virtual Assistant is having a blog or website, a professional virtual assistant blog one! But what is a blog anyway? Blog is tantamount to a personal website but is being use for official purposes. But of course, that depends on your intention on why you are establishing your blog in the first place. If you only make a blog for passion why not? But if there is a chance of maximizing it for profit? Not a bad idea!

It is your very own space on the net wherein you can post important information about yourself, your talent and your advocacy. You can also share here your previous working experiences for the purpose of creating an image of a more credible “you!”

Through your virtual assistant blog, you can market yourself and you can get the best possible client that you possibly can. If it is like selling yourself, for sure you would be more than excited to highlights your assets to be as best virtual assistant as you can. Blog is actually your portfolio and your resume. If this is your passport in getting the job, then why not make the most out of your blog?

What to Do Before Making a Virtual Assistant Blog

There are things that you must keep in mind before creating your blog:

If virtual assistant blog is tantamount to portfolio of a VA, then it must really be a must that you know how to create your own. Well, do not worry because it will not be as difficult as you thought it was. Plus, you can actually have it for free! How? I am introducing to you the “WordPress” [Notice that I am personally using it!]. Have you ever heard of it? It is one of the most popular blogging tools that is available online.

For a neophyte, it will not diminish your credibility if you are only using a free blogging site. What more important is the content and the presentation That is what really matters and the  “medium”.

Why Choose WordPress? 

WordPress is free. Although they also offer premium account, but they also offer free services. You can actually spend zero amount and start your blogging.

Setting up is so easy – It is absolutely easy because even a newbie virtual assistant, who might have no background at all in making a blog can set it up on his/her own.

User-Friendly Site – Virtual Assistant would love WordPress because its back-end is easy to navigate. It is like using a simple MS Word, w/ CMS plus the simple Visual Editor.

They offer free themes – This is good news because even your account is only for free, they also offer varied themes. It is clear that even free account has themes that can be customized.

It connects Google – Google being the most popular search engine connects with WordPress. If you already are familiar w/ SEO, you can understand that it is always an advantage if you create account with higher probability of connecting to the most popular search engine. There is no debate that it is Google.