Just knowing where to look at, where to find online, that is the basic concept of seeking virtual assistant jobs for you! Logic may help you, but let us then try to be something “technical” in knowing the basics to find the best VA that suits your qualifications!


Know how to create your own website

To be able to seek a virtual assistant job, administrative assistant in particular, you will to need to know first on how to create your own website. Basically, the website will be the list of your basic qualifications, contact address and the terms of payment. Don’t worry, it does not need to be anything flashy or fancy. A very simple website will to. Just make sure it would sound professional.

Always check job listing or posting websites

There are so many free job hunting websites that will enumerate virtual assistant jobs. Please take not that this may be the easiest way to find a VA admin. Assistant job, but this may not also be the best choice because most of the jobs that you might find on this kind of websites are basically small-time, short-timed jobs that needs to be done very quickly. Also keep in mind that you might find a site that will enable you to pay some minimal fees. Just make sure it will compensate the pay that you will receive when the tasks are finally done.

Referrals are one of the best choices

When you accept the job, make sure your employer will be satisfied of your job. In my case, as VA, I used to find new jobs thru referrals from my previous employer. Aside from my ego is relatively boosted because the referral came from somebody whom I used to work with before, it will also have some A plus points for you to be hired by other future employers. So the secret is being proficient an excellent in everything you do! Constant communication is also a must in doing your online tasks.

Networking is a Must

Although is also a good idea if you do your job by yourself, but in terms of Virtual assistant jobs, it is a better choice if you establish at least three (3) network groups. May it be an online group or in person. Let everybody knows that you are into this kind of business, otherwise, your career will not grow at all. You can seek these kinds of groups on Google.

Project and market yourself well

Search Engine optimization is a must. Maximize all the possible sites, social media sites so that there will be a higher probability that your profile or resume may be viewed by as many as employers as possible. You can do this by projecting yourself on line as credible and proficient VA.

Try also to check other business’ or professional website

There might also be newbie who are looking for virtual assistant jobs that has incredible business website. Why not view theirs? You may also get some points on how they were able to get a perfect job. Just make sure if you are already hired, you will do the same and inspire future VA wanna-bes.

Photo credit: workathomecareers.com