The productivity of your virtual assistant can immensely affect the growth of your business. Simply hiring a VA may not be enough to produce progressive positive results. You may need to extend efforts to maximize their skills and capabilities. Particularly, when challenges arise and the level of tasks increase and become more difficult, a VA unfurls opportunities instead. They provide professional accommodation to shoulder a load of works to businessmen which results in prolific and lucrative consequences.

In order to maximize your virtual assistants and the business inclusively, below are some helpful tips to apply.

1. Interview prior to hiring.

Today, businesses engaging with virtual assistants has become a prevalent practice. As a result, many people are pursuing such career, especially because it offers high wages and comfortability in working remotely. However, its recurrent development simultaneously decreases the quality of services and competencies of a potential VA, making it hard for businesses to find the right one.

To find the VA that acquires outstanding features, there are several considerations to practice before hiring one. During the interview:

  • it is convenient to consider if the applicant speaks the same native tongue with you;
  • ask for a résumé and check it if he/she has the apt past work experiences, competencies, and the appropriate ethics such as the motivation and attentiveness in performing any tasks; and
  • inquire the potential VA for the reasons why they chose your company to work with.

It is a mere necessity that the potential VA must understand, trust, and work towards the business’ missions and core values.

2. A detailed layout is essential.

To improve the VA’s offered services, it is crucial to provide a detailed layout or step-by-step process for delegating the specific tasks. This should be coupled with the core values and practices of the business. After the employment, the employer instantly allocates the VA to a particular task.

To avoid miscommunication, misinterpretation, and an oversight of the tasks, an organized and a comprehensive instruction is tremendously helpful. For instance, after the VA completes the task, it is convenient to provide him/her a specific time to log in and log out. This allows you to check how much time it takes for him/her to finish the task. This regular monitoring skyrockets the productivity.

3. Let them learn new skills and grow.

Teaching your virtual assistants with strategic skills in performing the tasks will allow them to grow and perform any tasks exceptionally. As a result, this will constitute the growth of the business—the growth of your VA.

That is why you must allocate creative tasks to the VA and improve the communication between the two of you. You can do it by simply asking him/her about their self-opinionated decisions, pieces of advice, and interests in learning. This smooth flow of communication can help you get to deeply know the VA and allow you to assign him/her with the correlated tasks to their interests and capacities in learning. As an offshoot, the VA becomes not only a member but an asset to the business.

These are just some of the simple and effective ways to practice in maximizing your virtual assistants. If you have further tips in mind, considering it would also greatly help boost your business’ productivity. Bear in mind that it only takes an appropriate planning and demonstration.