Who says virtual Assistant focuses only in writing?  Well, probably yes. But on the other side of the coin, listening is also as important factor of virtual assistant skill. Remember, I already shared that information from clients to virtual assistant can be through video calling just as like as Skype.

Let me share this belief from Roger Imhoff. “Let other people confide in you. At first it may look like not helping you, but will actually sincerely help them” What is meant by that? At first impression, listening to other people may look like to benefit only the person who is sharing. But when you tried to become a good listener, you will be putting yourself in a good way to help yourself too! You want to try?  You will realize for yourself that you can have that ability to develop good relationship with your clients. It will also help you to gather invaluable information and increase your understanding other people.

Here are some tips on how to be a better listener and eventually become a good Virtual Assistant.

  1. Pay attention to the Speaker (client) – The entire process of listening commence with giving the speaker (client) your 100% attention. As you go on with a conversation with your client, do not do other things like working, shuffle papers, text or doing other tasks in your pc.
  2. As much as possible, do not interrupt your client. – It is highly understandable that some people might react wildly if they will be interrupted. Of course, you would also feel the same way. Base from to Robert I. Montgomery’s belief, the writer of The Listening Made Easy book, It is like as rude when you step on other people’s idea(s). It is actually like stepping on the other shoes. For sure you would not want your client to think that you:


  • Do not give enough worth on what they are saying
  • Just want to impress! This is done by projecting that they are smart & intuitive.
  • Are too excited to finish the talking or conversation.
  1. Give emphasis on understanding rather than remembering – If you can barely notice that quickly most people forget what they hear immediately. There are studies around the world that shows that most people can actually remember only fifty percent (50%) of what they hear immediately. As the time goes by, the people’s ability to remember will eventually drop. Unfortunately, the next day, the retention goes lower and become only 25% or even lower.
  2. Ask questions for clarification– Have you noticed? Well, that top reporters are excellent listeners? Like example Barbara Walters, if you know her. She practices listening skills that helps her to gather more information and increases her understanding of the person she is interviewing. No question, she asks good questions. You can be like her. As Virtual Assistant it is important to clarify things out before doing the tasks by way of asking and re asking good questions.
  3. It is never too late to become a good listener. Acquire this important virtual assistant skill and it can change your life as Virtual Assistant, as a person in general.