A solopreneur is basically an entrepreneur who works alone. Because of this sole proprietorship, the solopreneur is highly susceptible to overload, stress, inundation, and any other unfavorable circumstances. However, because of the virtual assistants coming to the limelight, solopreneurs can now outsource and assigned specific tasks for them to be assisted in making the business grow.

Howbeit, many are still doubting the validity of virtual assistants’ effectivity in the world of a sole proprietorship or even in large corporates. To address this overriding issue, this article provides eight legit reasons why virtual assistants are actually effective partners for solopreneurs.

1. They reduce your workload and stress and adds to the quality of your work.

This is commonly the prime reason of solopreneurs or any other businessmen on why they outsource administrative tasks to virtual assistants or VAs. Handing over the less-essential tasks of the business to a virtual assistant may disclose the opportunity for the solopreneur to focus more on the core competencies of the business—they focalize on what you do best while the VA takes care of the rest. As a corollary, this prompts stress reduction and enables a more productive and a high quality work because their time is efficiently used. This favorability also optimizes and enhances the work-life balance of the solopreneur.

2. Hiring them saves money.

A virtual assistant is typically less expensive than a full-time employee. The remuneration for a virtual assistant is generally a performance-based. By this means, the solopreneur can only pay the hired virtual assistant when they are on task or after they have completed it. The solopreneur do not have to pay for the Internet bandwidth or the provision of their taxes, insurance, and training. Virtual assistants provide their own equipment, supplies, work necessities, office space, and other wage-related expenses.

3. They provide flexibility in work schedules and work terms.

One upside factor of virtual assistants is their flexibility. They do not preside over a specific working-hour or even a minimum. They can offer shifting services and provides professional assistance during off-peak working hours. The solopreneur can use them whenever he/she wants, whenever it is necessary, and whenever it is convenient for the business. They can also assign them to shift work terms as long as it is included in the range of their tasks and skills.

4. They are independent business owners.

Virtual assistants are not employees. As a corollary, they operate a higher level of pride and present a higher quality of work. This is because they are also business owners. They acquire entrepreneurial mindset with the correlation of appropriate business laws and ethics. Correlating with this, they can also provide ideas and suggestions for the greater productivity of your business.

5. They are armored with experience and expertise.

Virtual assistants have generally various past work experiences that will help them in working the assigned tasks effectively. These experiences may fill different gaps that the solopreneur’s business lacks. Some VAs may also work with absolute zero experiences, that is why their expertise or set of skill on any field to perform different tasks within the solopreneur’s business must be determined before the actual employment. The great thing, VAs are currently moving towards multi-VA business operations.

6. The solopreneur have absolutely zero obligation.

When the work is not there, the solopreneur is not responsible to establish a make-work job or a task that has less immediate financial benefit to the economy than the job costs to support just to secure the relationship with the VA. The VA is available any necessary times or at times when the solopreneur is unable to perform the administrative tasks. The solopreneur is not obliged to follow or be governed by labor-related laws and requirements.

7. There are no geographical boundaries.

Because virtual assistants work remotely from home, there is no need for extraneous commuting to the office space. Moreover, the solopreneur can still work with the VA if he/she is on a vacation. This is because the collaboration is accessible through the mediums of online.

8. They are great connectors.

Numerous VAs are members of high-quality professionals groups from various industries which probably stemmed from their past work experiences. These great connectors can act as the bridge between the solopreneur and other businesses that can collaborate and provide much efficiency for the business. They may also help the business find more quality clients and customers.

Truly, no man is an island. It doesn’t mean that if one is a solopreneur, he/she have to do every little thing within the company alone. Anyone in this world has limited skills, capabilities, and time. So for solopreneurs, it is a good idea to fill that dearth with a proficient and trustworthy virtual assistant.