From the word itself virtual, it is pretty obvious that you would need virtual assistant tools or medium how to deal with your clients. In this case, your very own employer. (With, of course, target audience in mind). You must know where to lay down all your agenda. For you to be able to be a credible VA, here are some basic online tools to be used for communication to be able to do your job efficiently.

10 Most Used Virtual Assistant Tools Today

1. Basecamp

This is a kind of absolute web-based project management Virtual assistant tools. For me, I consider this as one of the most user-friendly tools for both virtual assistants and his/her clients. Aside from its simplicity, it can be easily accessed when you needed a particular data about on-going projects. The Basecamp best suits for all kinds of projects may it be an open-ended project, or a fixed-date project i.e simple files, clerical tasks and proceedings of the meeting.

2. Google Docs

This is a kind of virtual assistant tools which is widely-used office suite that is definitely web-based. There are clients that prefer the simplicity of Google docs compared to any other tools. This is especially in creating a usual document that enables any virtual assistant in the team can be able to view and even edit and share the documents. Creating documents to google docs is also as simple as doing a basic document in your personal computer.

3) Dropbox Try to install a Dropbox on your own pc and enjoy sharing files with as many virtual assistants and as many clients as you can.  Through Dropbox, you can share a link easily and share a folder anytime to other virtual assistant and to your clients.

4) Google Calendar

Through sharing client’s calendar with you through this tool, he/she can easily update you on what to do. This scheme is then helpful to both clients and the Vas especially when you are working as a “virtual team”. Sub-calendars can be created easily and it can be labelled with your personal name per work category.

5) Last Pass

This is a password manager tool that will allow saving all our login credentials. I personally use this tool to store my personal login credentials as well as to my clients.

6) Skype This is indeed one of the most “personalized” meetings with your clients and other Vas. This web-calling tool smashes most of the available VA tools

7) SnagIt This is one of the best apps if you are dealing with online discussions wherein you would share screenshots and/or brief screencasts among the virtual team.

8)Hootsuite I personally use this in managing different social media accounts at a time. It allows me to schedule certain posts at the same time to at least 3 social media accounts for free. If you intend to post a status on more than 5 social media accounts, you can always opt for a premium account.

9) PicMonkey Through this tool, you can use images that generate larger number of engagement in different social media sites.

10) Freshbooks This tool is used in billing your clients. It enables you to track hours or number of projects and its corresponding pay professionally. This is recommended to use if you are managing less than three clients.

These are just the most basic virtual assistant tools that a virtual assistant should learn.

Contact me for more virtual assistant tools that you will need for your VA quest!!!