virtual assistant is technically defined as a person who help somebody else make their own business, may it be small-time or large-scale business. Usually the job is being done independently and remotely so the term goes as “virtual”. It is like being somebody doing a job for another person. One typical comparison of a virtual assistant is a “ghost singer”. Somebody is paid to sing but the credit goes to another or the “real singer”. Meaning somebody who has contracted to do a job pays somebody to do the job for him/her.

Why being Virtual Assistant is in demand?

The following might be reasons why this job is getting popular day by days:

  • The avalanche of technology. The use of speed internet enables to share the jobs easier even miles apart.
  • The skills requirement for a virtual assistant is relatively increasing. It encompasses all the fields of studies thus making a VA more diversified. Before it only specializes traditional pros like secretarial job and administrative assistant functions. But over the years, bookkeeping, internet marketing and other technical jobs comes in.
  • Virtual assistant enable to keep their over head low. This is done by working while at home or even sharing information while at office. Virtual assistants help one another, sharing the same experiences.
  • Some virtual assistant enjoys the availability of professional groups or associations that give opportunities for other VAs go networking and find desired jobs available.
  • When a certain VA cannot complete a task, through networking, somebody might be able to do the job for the Main Client.

What Virtual Assistants Provide?

What are the different services that a Virtual Assistant offers? Here is some list. But mind you, it just does not end here. There’s actually more in reality:

  • General administration service(s)
  • Personal Assistance
  • Database
  • Website development
  • Graphic designs
  • Sales support
  • Telephone answering
  • Bill payments
  • Travel arrangements
  • Bookkeeping
  • Desktop publishing
  • Computer training
  • Medical or legal transcription

Virtual Assistant Makes their Own Hours

One of the advantages of being a Virtual Assistant is the ability to create your own hours! You can be the boss of yourself! Why not try to compute your rate per hour then multiply by the total number of working hours per week? You will realize that you will be earning more money while spending less of your time as virtual assistant! You can spend more of your time for your family to be able to meet a so-called “balanced life”. So while not try it now for yourself?