Now you already knew that moving from one career to the other is actually a hard thing. So as transition from other career to a work from home business as a virtual assistant one does.

One important thing to consider with switching to work from home business, if ever you have a present  job and you are determined  to shift Career and be a Virtual Assistant, don’t quit immediately! It is not that you are having second thoughts whether to pursue your new career as virtual assistant or not. But it is more of securing yourself first, before finally leaping to other “destination”.

Things to Consider Before Joining Work from Home Business

Consider these things first. Since you are luckily employed, regardless of the status of your employment, questions will definitely run into your mind just as like, how are they you are going to divide your time with work from home business? Can you manage your time now with your job (present job), family and being an aspiring virtual assistant? How am I going to start?

The answer is to go back to basic. “Do not quit yet”. It is advisable to resign from your current job immediately especially if you are just starting and not able yet to establish your new-found career. Please do not make an abrupt decision of quitting. Well unless, you are willing to gamble everything even if there is no assurance at all that you will make it to be in a successful work from home business.

It is now clear that if you are not yet  established as a Virtual Assistant, you better go with the flow first and deal with the transition period. Yes we are living in a fast-tracking world, but we have also to learn to take time slowly. Especially if we are thinking already of a lifetime career.

Think also of your financial obligation. If there is no assurance yet that you will succeed as Virtual assistant? Then why quit to your present job that fast?

They say that “Patience is Virtue”. Yes, you can consider this virtue while you are on the process of changing your career. Again, being a virtual assistant is not a joke. While you are on the early stage of doing your first assignments, allot enough time for a higher level of learning.

Be tough! Imagine all these possible disadvantages of a work from home business. If you are 200% sure that you can deal with these, then, you will be successful!

  • Be sure that you can deal with ultimate challenge of looking for an initial client(s). Are you sure that you can look for someone who is credible enough and there will be an assurance that you will be 100% paid?
  • For sure you will be experiencing as VA in the work from home business industry. As the business grows, it is most probably that some of your materials needed and not to mention the over-all expenses may also grow. Well nothing to worry because that’s part of investing new ventures.
  • Just as like as in any career at home, you area also bound for  paying withholding taxes, government taxes, income taxes and all other form of taxes.

If you are more than sure you can deal with all of these, now time for us to welcome you as certified virtual assistant and become part of work from home business club!

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