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Why Hire a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing remains a relevant decision point for many companies today, and this is mainly because it is never easy to begin sending out work that used to be an essential part of internal operations. Read more…

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Jeralyn has worked with us for almost a year and we were obliged to part simply because there was no more work to do. She is a very serious, reliable and honest VA. I would recommend her services to anyone looking to invest in their websites and online marketing campaigns Arnaud Joakim

Virtual Assistant, eMarket Elite

Jeralyn provided excellent Virtual Assistant services for our company. Her work is professional, she is very personable and quickly pickup up on all of the tasks we provided. I highly recommend her if you are in need of a virtual assistant. Brian Palmer

Virtual Assistant, Hub Media Marketing

I can’t recommend Jeralyn enough! She is a very hard worker, easy to work with, and always willing to do whatever needs to be done to make a project successful.

Christopher Sawyer

Client Support VA, Hub Media Marketing

As a VA, Jeralyn displayed a broad knowledge base in administrative business, marketing and management . She is a dedicated employee, hard worker and a flexible team member. Her ability to take direction and run with it is what makes her such a valuable asset to the team. Working with Jeralyn gives you peace of mind because you know she is always going to cross her t’s and dot her i’s. I would recommend Jeralyn to anyone seeking a Virtual Assistant. Amy Bonanno (Roundtree)

Client Support VA, Simple Media Co.

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Why Become a VA

A virtual assistant has advantages and disadvantages in this career. But having lots of benefits outweigh this career among others. Here are some of the positive rewards a VA can have. Read more…

How to Start a VA Career

Starting a career in a virtual world is like an individual who wants to be employed in a business although the tasks are virtually given. Read more…

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