A successful running business means the regularity of busy days. However, if a particular businessman cannot efficiently handle this hecticness, his/her business can be prone to failure and eventual bankruptcy.

Good thing, today’s digital age has disclosed new waves of service-driven applications that address any business activities. As a result, such of these provide solutions for inundated businessmen.

Here are some of the service apps with their functions that will certainly give solutions to some perplex inundations of your business:

1. Resy

Problem: Dinner reservations with a client at the last minute

Resy is chiefly designed for busy business travelers that are inclined to having a meeting with a client at the last minute in well-known restaurants. It is an operational software available for iOS gadgets and Android smartphones. It collaborates with the best restaurants to offer the best and the most satisfying service.

To access with Resy, you can:

  • browse the preferred restaurant and the available tables;
  • tap it two times to instantly avail the reservation; and
  • after the confirmation is done, the only thing a client can do is arrive and enjoy the luxurious meal.

Furthermore, this app also allows a transportation arrangement with a car to get there.

Thus, problem solved.

Available markets: The company is currently working with 80 markets around the US.

2. Silvercar

Problem: The search for a fast and a standard rental car

Silvercar focuses on providing a better standard or quality experience for airport car rentals with both the physical product and service. This is mainly supplied by the company through the addition of technology to its cars and the use of mobile apps for a simpler and improved inclusive process. Specifically, Silvercar only rents Audi A4 cars with WiFi and GPS-enabled.

The process of the reservation includes:

  • downloading the Silvercar app that is available for both iPhone and Android;
  • creating a profile to get started;
  • booking the rental car; and
  • using the app to unlock the car before dropping it off after the receipt is emailed.

Considerably, Silvercar requires a valid license number, legit phone number, a valid credit card before the rental cars are picked up, and pre-select the insurance they like to use. After Silvercar sends a text message or email upon your arrival at the airport, there is no need to talk to an agent. You can instantly walk right up to the cars in the parking area, choose the preferred car, and unlock it by scanning a QR code in the driver’s side windshield. They furnish the quickest time that will surely help you or your client skip the rental queue.

So, now? Problem solved.

Available markets: It is available in airports of Austin, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, Phoenix, San Francisco, and Fort Lauderdale, and more.

3. WunWun

Problem: You just don’t have enough hours in a day.

WunWun stands for “what you need – when you need.” It is an iPhone app that provides a 24-hour personal assistance and delivery wherever you go and whatever you want from any store on demand. It provides many types of services and brings everything at the right time and place under your request. WunWun employs a particular “Helper”, specifically a paid contractor for a specific customer. They run errands for you as soon as you send a request through the app. The range of compensation includes the purchased item or availed services and the courier travel of the Helper. WunWun maps determine the distance charges.

To access with WunWun, you have to:

  • download it through an iPhone app;
  • enter the credit card, phone number, and few other required pieces of information; and
  • enter the request; and
  • wait until it responds via email or a text.

The charge for the personal Helper is $2 per minute of service or $15 for the delivery items. When you need something at the last minute before meeting with a particular client, WunWun is the answer.

Then, problem solved.

Available markets: It operates 60 markets in portions of San Francisco, New York, and, in summer, the Hamptons.

4. Drizly

Problem: Keeping the party smooth-running

With Drizly, alcohol becomes readily available through technology. It comes to you when and where you need them. The app is available for Android and iPhone. It requires a minimum purchase of $20 and adds a delivery charge of $5.

By simply downloading the app, the order may take place. Then, the Drizly retail partners fulfill the order, process the transaction, and execute delivery that generally takes 20–40 minutes. Drizly has proprietary ID verification technology for retail partners. This allows drivers to scan IDs for more than a barcode to make sure the purchaser is over 21 years old—the legal drinking age. If you’re running out of exuberance after your successful launch or any other party-needing cases, Drizly comes into action for help. It transforms the way retailers run their business.

Therefore, problem solved.

Available markets: They operate in 40 markets in 70 American cities as well as Edmonton and Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Now, being swamped and inundated with the workloads is not a thing anymore. These newly service-driven applications offered by genius founders and companies can truly maximize your business.