Ever since I set foot on the virtual assistant services, PayPal has been my partnering online payment system. In getting the deal with my clients relative to cash transfers, it has helped me through the years. Being accustomed to this payment system, I have never held my hand back with PayPal… and that was before.

Just like how a journey of some friendships goes astray, I had to cut off my ties with PayPal. One disheartening day, this online financial service suddenly advised me that I had reached their limits of use which simply means that I won’t be able to use PayPal ever, like, for the rest of my life! I tried reaching them and asking for considerations or what alternatives they can offer but to no avail.

After realizing that I had no choice, the only thing I could do, well, aside from being disappointed, I had to accept the fact that I may not be able to avail of their services anymore. 

But of course, it wasn’t the end for me. Contrarily, it opened the door for me to find not just an alternative online payment system but a better one. And I mean way better! After familiarizing its terms, conditions, and operations, I signed up to it beyond doubt. And that is when I found my new partnering payment system, Payoneer. 

Founded in the year 2005, Payoneer has helped masses of businesses and professionals worldwide through their cross-border payments platform. I can preen that I am one of those business owners who has enjoyed the multiple advantages that Payoneer provides. With their simple, fast, safe, and low-cost solutions, I get paid globally as easily as if it’s locally.

Starting off my partnership with Payoneer through registration and finally opening my account, I also started to realize that I was definitely on the right track. Why? Because the overall start-up process was smooth-sailing. 

I was assisted by a dedicated representative who proficiently and intelligibly guided me on how everything works within Payoneer services. Not to mention that the representative who helped me was a fellow Filipino since Payoneer offers multilingual support for easier transactions with their international clients. After completing the registration process and supplying the relevant documents, I effortlessly received an email that my Payoneer account is good to go!

Another upper hand of Payoneer is its flexibility in terms of compensation requests. In Payoneer, I can easily request a payment from a specific client who does not have a Payoneer account. My clients may use whichever method or online payment system they prefer. Unlike in PayPal, before gaining access to request for payment, I should make sure beforehand that the client has he’s own PayPal account. It’s way hassle-free, right?

Before opening a Payoneer account, some of my clients had already introduced me to how its fees are one step ahead from Paypal. When I finally did, I utterly understood and proved their furtherance. Payoneer is way more low-cost than PayPal because the charges of Payoneer are absolutely free from flat fees for cash transfers and additional surcharges that eat away significant chunks of my money.

The global payment service of Payoneer is also their pride. Payoneer enables users to set up automatic payouts to their personal accounts. By this means, I can receive a payment to my Payoneer account with money denominations that have been automatically converted to the currency of my bank account which is apparently, Peso. As a very positive outcome, my earnings will more likely increase since the payment fees are reduced. Compared to PayPal, a constant bothersome manual request for transactions is needed every time.

Payoneer has also set the standards too high when it comes to a short amount of time needed to transfer money to your bank account. With Paypal, I had to restlessly wait for 3 to 5 business days before the money could be completely transferred to my account. On the other hand and on a brighter note, it only takes 2 to 6 hours before Payoneer transfers the client’s money to my account from the very moment the transaction is initiated. As business owners with our families to feed, we understand the hefty struggles of having to wait for several days before being able to withdraw the money. Well, let Payoneer be the solution to that!

In all honesty, I have no heavy heart against PayPal. They have loyally served me for years. However, to be successful means to not settle for less. It’s about the endless pursuit for the best. And I think Payoneer fills the blank that I have always left unattended after all these years. Payoneer is not just a plain alternative for PayPal, it’s not just an option. It’s the exact and precise online payment platform that you can trust your growing business to.