(I’ve been wanting to change my approach to my readers, followers and prospective clients because I want to have a personal touch of my website. Thus, I’ll be posting some random memorable, share-worthy events & trips last year as I reminisce them.)

Trip Details:
Secdea Beach Resort, Samal Island Davao del Norte
August 27, 2017

I was in a short meeting with some of my teammates but discussed some stressing occurrence at work. So, we decided instead to resolve office issues by the beach. It was an abrupt plan. No prep but it was still worth it.

We were so lucky because we booked an overnight stay on the 25th of August last year for the 27th. It was like meant for us as this resort is usually fully booked all the time.

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this beautiful sunrise, right?

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One of the breathtaking views of Secdea Beach Resort, my favorite!!!

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A stunningly beautiful sunrise can be witnessed in the midst of Secdea’s beach. It stretched out beyond the horizon warming the earth. It was a perfect scenario for a traveler to unwind from tiring city life.


Morning coffee outside our room. ☕️ ☕️☕️

Heads up and let’s take a good glance at this comforting swimming pool with a chilling temperature. Also, who wouldn’t want to spend a starry night on one of Secdea’s rooms? You’re not just going to stay in a relaxing room but also, a great view of the pool surrounded by nature-friendly environment lies behind the curtains.

In the middle of that great leafy wall is plastered the vast name of “Secdea Beach Resort”. Looking up above it is a unique architectural designed room wherein you can have a pleasant view of the entire beach resort but that is not available for guests though.

You wouldn’t want to miss diving on Secdea’s blue swimming pool! The pool was astonishing for it was uniquely designed to make you feel like submerging on the massive blue sea. The fact that it was free from impurities could surely give you the certainty that it’s safe to be here!

A heavy day will it be when you’re going to stroll all around the resort that’s why the best remedy for an exhausted you is to take a break at Secdea’s Restaurant. A restaurant that serves mouthwatering buffet and delicious delicacies. The foods they served could meet everyone’s cravings with its affordable prices!

Another pampering pool was immaculately made just for you! A place where you can enjoy the calmness of the water and the silence of the surrounding. Truly, your visit to Secdea will be incomplete if you won’t get yourself soak in their serene water!

Sit back and award yourself a soothing moment on their wooden pieces of furniture placed beside pool area. It is where you can put on your sunblock while savoring the magnificent view of the pool and dark sea. A terrific way it is to foresee yourself as a ruler of the resort!

We didn’t just visit Secdea to experience the satisfying sensation brought by the flowing waters. Also, we’re here to take a lot of shots on its mesmerizing beauty as our way of reminiscing this wonderful tour. One good tip from me, the best shot can be taken if you’ll take your own photo on this angle of the resort!

Upon checkout, staff are still very accommodating and would even offer their hands for a shot. No, for too many shots, actually! 🙂

I couldn’t help but asked to take a photo of me as we headed to the resort. There’s a foreign feeling of excitement electrified me as we keep our pace going. I could no longer wait another minute to pass just to reach the resort during that time.


They said that a nice way to enjoy your cup of coffee is to blend it with milk to achieve creamier taste. Well, I say that the excellent way to enjoy your adventure is to travel with your best buddies with hyperactive personalities toward traveling! As we stepped foot on the main entrance, we took a photo of us with boosted enthusiasm.


Gorgeous reigning models we were when this photo was taken! I couldn’t thank enough the staff for being kindhearted as he courteously responds to our plea.

Happiness may turn into an indescribable feeling especially when shared. And the happiness with my friends/teammates for being part of this euphoric adventure was something that no amount can buy! So go splash some colors on your planned trip here in Secdea with your beloved gals and together you’ll go rock in constructing memories!

IMG_1349It was weekend and I still got some jobs to do so I brought my power laptop with me and still be able to catch up on some errands. The internet here is weak though. So, you have all the time in the world to relax and forget about checking your phone or emails.

I am an avid fan of serenity, calmness, and quietness. So, I am giving this resort a 5-star rating and I’d definitely be coming back!

If you’re one of my virtual assistant clients reading this blog or probably a future client (LOL), Secdea Beach Resort should be included in your list.

How To Get There

It’s impossible for you to prove before your eyes all those amazing features and services offered by Secdea Beach Resort without being on the exact location. So, here are the helpful guidelines for you to reach the resort in the most convenient way possible. There might be other ways to be in there yet give these guidelines a try, if it worked on our trip then without a doubt, it will also work on you.

In getting to Secdea, most of their guests are more favorable in traveling with their own vehicles. The ferryboat operates within the entire 24 hours. If you wish to do the same, Secdea’s staff will enclose a vicinity map for your own guidance.

On the other hand, if you don’t have your own vehicle with you—just like us—then you’re destined to take the ferry boat at Sasa wharf to cross. Upon reaching the other end, you can take habal-habal (motorcycle) and asked the driver to drop you off the said resort. It was a maximum of a 10-minute drive to reach Secdea. The fare should cost you Php. 75.00 only.

Spending a day only will surely be not enough so we decided to spend a night at Secdea. No spot of regret as we dropped our bags and other necessities in the room booked for us. The room was indeed clean and tidy. The staffs were accommodating and friendly when they welcomed our arrival. In overall, I can say that the landscape of Secdea Beach Resort was well-planned and a picture-perfect scenery in a realm. For my part, I really want to make all these happen again.

Here’s a google map for Secdea Beach Resort: